We, young Parisian designers, passionate about fashion, were inspired by architecture to create a line of masculine leather goods, resolutely rectilinear.

This first collection was inspired by art nouveau, an architectural movement in the years 1890-1910 with two major trends in art: straight and curvilinear. This one favours Raw, SYMETRIC and RECTILIGN lines in order to preserve a EPURE design.

To be irreplaceable, you have to be different

Coco Chanel

The bag, which is both functional and aesthetic, is now part of our daily lives. A companion of travel, work and leisure, it reflects our personality and way of life.

L’HOMME DENIM offers a line of leather goods and timeless accessories adapted to your needs in order to bring you style and elegance. Creativity and innovation are part of the brand’s core values.


LHD’s identity was born, by revisiting a material that had existed for a hundred years: “denim” known for its resistance and versatile use.

The combination of two-tone materials is highlighted to highlight the details and quality of the finishes applied to each bag. The interiors of our bags are functional in order to adapt to your daily life.
All materials and accessories have been carefully selected to make each model unique. Our range is manufactured in Portugal by craftsmen with exemplary know-how.